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With a fleet of 60 Trucks on the road, we operate one of the most modern fleets in New Zealand.

Our investment in the best equipment, combined with our streamlined structure and operations, help us deliver better value. Our rates are competitive, and we aim to provide the best value freight services by way of excellent reliability, maximum capacity, innovation and a commitment to great service.

We run a fleet of top-of-the-line curtain-side truck and trailer units that set us apart from the competition. Our best-practice systems utilise Tablet technology in all trucks including ERoad to manage location, scheduling and compliance. Health & Safety is a priority and we utilise in cab cameras, on-board weight management systems, and Beacon is used to manage driver safety.

Customers can enjoy instand Proof of Delivery through our tablet based Sign on Glass technology,


Proven capacity

Bulk loads are our speciality, yet we are also very adept in handling multi-pick-up / multi-drop loads. We strive to have the lightest truck and trailer units on the road, which enables us to economically move large volumes and weight sensitive freight. In this, we regularly transport specialised goods, for example feed supplements for the rural industry, and a wide variety of palletised freight, produce and foodstuffs.

We work hard to keep our wheels constantly moving in order to provide a top-class service. This starts with our ongoing investment in the latest technology and best equipment for the job.

Fleet Facts

Manufacturer:    Freightliner, DAF, Kenworth
Year of manufacture:    2010-2015
Power output:    430 - 600 Horsepower
Configuration:    Curtain-Side Truck & Trailer
Overall length:    up to 23 metres
Truck deck length:    6.7 - 7.7 metres
Trailer deck length:    9.25 - 11.4 metres
Load weight (max):    30 - 41 tonnes
Load volume (max):    120 - 140 cubic metres
Typical load:    34 - 38 pallets

Proven reliability

We maintain a very high standard of maintenance, which coupled with the renowned Freightliner reliability, keeps our wheels turning on each vehicle for over 200,000 Km each year. To maintain pace with technology and ensure we maintain 100% reliability, our trucks are replaced every four to five years.

Proven features

From the driver's perspective, our fleet is state-of-the-art. Computerised engine management, Tip-tronic gear change, and a host of features for excellent safety and comfort, help ensure that everything arrives in top condition. Mobile communication, including contact with our computerised iJEAPS system, is also on board.

Proven looks

We believe that image is very important, which is why our fleet is routinely maintained and washed to keep them in pristine condition. With our head-turning paintwork and graphics, your product will always be well presented. To really deliver your brand, our 3.1m high curtain sides offer the ultimate in promotional space for your brand.

In addition to our standard fleet configuration, we are always interested in new opportunities to provide freight solutions, even going so far as investing in new equipment where required. We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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