Delivering from day dot

Stepping up to delivering since the 1980s.

From small potatoes to nationwide logistics 

It all began with Craig and Trevor’s dad Graham Booth who owned a potato farm. It was the challenge to get the produce to market that sparked a passion for delivery. And that passion just kept growing.

In the last five years, Booth’s has grown from 50 trucks to over 400. From 80 staff to over 800. From Palmy, Taupo and Tauranga, to Northland, Southland and all the bits in between.

Growing organically to meet demand

1980’s – Graham Booth

Graham Booth begins a low-key transport business as an extension of his Manawatu farm, using two trucks to locate his potatoes and other produce to markets.

1990’s – Craig Booth

Graham’s two trucks turn to five, and son Craig starts to get involved with the driving.

Booth's Logistics - Craig Booth
Booth's Logistics - Trevor Booth

2000’s – Trevor Booth

The fleet grows to 10 trucks and office staff join the crew. Son Trevor joins the business and marketing side.

2010’s – Craig and Trevor Booth

Craig and Trevor Booth take over the reins, with trucks now counting 20 and locations in Palmerston North, Taupo, Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland.

Booth's Logistics
Booth's Logistics - Tomoana Warehousing

2019 – Tomoana Warehousing

Tomoana Warehousing in Hawkes Bay joins the Booth’s family, bringing with them container and flat deck capabilities, and over 20,000m² of warehousing in Hastings and Tauranga.

2021 – Couplands Transport and Great Lakes Transport 

Couplands Transport and Great Lakes Transport join the Booth’s family, extending our reach throughout the Waikato, Auckland, Taupo and Rotorua.

Booth's Logistics - Couplands Transport
Booth's Logistics - Summerland Express Freight

2022 – The Produce Connection and Summerlands Express Freight

The Produce Connection in Northland joins the family, adding a focus in produce transportation and handling including a temperature-controlled fleet.

Summerlands Express Freight joins the family, building a strong South Island network with 100 more trucks and a team of 150 across 10 locations.

Booths introduces a new nationwide flat deck division, following the addition of Summerland Express Freight.

A further 12,500m² of warehousing is added to our Palmerston North facilities.

2023 – LG Anderson Transport and Andersons & Flowers

LG Anderson and Anderson & Flowers join the family, extending our last mile metro deliveries, container transport and warehousing and 3PL capabilities in and around Wellington.

Booth's Logistics - LG Anderson Transport
Booth's Logistics

A future of growth

There’s no ceiling on opportunities. By staying true to our down-to-earth entrepreneurship, Booth’s will keep growing organically, like the potatoes we started with.

Hear it firsthand

“It’s exciting seeing them grow. They are a courageous business in that they’ll put their foot forward and look at how to work it out. They won’t leave you hanging. If there’s a really important thing to get done, they’ll find a way to do it.”


Hear it firsthand

“The growth’s massive. It’s down to a few specific people who continue to drive it. Nothing’s out of the question or impossible. We just keep setting goals and moving through them.”


Stephen Smith
Booth’s FTL Manager

Hear it firsthand

“While we’re growing fast and getting big, we’re not losing sleep because we are keeping true to ourselves.” 


Trevor Booth
Executive Director

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