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Current FAF Rates

The fluctuation of fuel prices impacts our monthly operating costs.

Due to these fluctuations, Booth’s Logistics calculates a monthly Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF) rate. Our FAF percentage will be updated and published on this page each month, and is effective on the 1st of the month.

July 2024           14.31%

June 2024                        16.63%
May 2024                          17.54%
April 2024                         17.21%
March 2024                      16.30%
February 2024                15.24%
January 2024                    16.11%
December 2023              18.83%
November 2023              20.12%
October 2023                   18.23%
September 2023             15.86%
August 2023                    12.82%
July 2023                          12.68%
June 2023                        12.56%

Booth's Logistics
How do we calculate our monthly FAF rate?

Every month we monitor the national average diesel price which can be found here. On this page is a download of a weekly table which includes a column for ‘Diesel_discounted_retail price_NZ.c.p.l’.

To calculate our FAF rate for the coming month, we simply take the last 4 weeks average of the above column (as at the last Tuesday of each month). This average is then benchmarked against a value of $1.22 and for every $0.01 over this threshold a FAF rate of 0.2% is calculated.

This FAF rate remains in place for the coming month until the last Tuesday when the rate for the following month is calculated again.

We also take into consideration the current Ad-Blue price and burn. This is a diesel exhaust fluid. that reduces vehicle exhaust emissions and installed on all our modern fleet.  

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