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Linehaul Transport

Operations, dispatch and distribution excellence

Our linehaul fleet and network is second to none and is the foundation and backbone of our nationwide logistics network.

We run set services between our network of freight hubs as well as a large floating fleet which is able to be scaled and deployed to meet ever changing demand requirements. If there is a need for urgent, short notice, high volume freight movement, call our’ can do will do’ business development and dispatch team.

We run a modern fuel efficient and reliable truck and trailer curtain-side fleet that is configured for maximum payload and cubic capacity. 50max and HPMV are available with payload weights up to 40 tonnes on selected routes.

Our temperature-controlled linehaul fleet is available nationwide and includes curtain-side and hard-side configurations. Long or short haul, full load or part load, door-to-door or cross-docked, local or nationwide – we can deliver.

In-cab technology, e-road management, a great dispatch and driving team, and a focus on safety and compliance set us apart.


Nationwide door-to-door service, direct to store, as well as interisland freight and LCL freight.

Top-of-the-line curtain-side truck and trailer units, for cross-docking and metro delivery.

Modern, reliable, safe, and fuel efficient fleet.

Quick response floating fleet

Consistently configured high payload capacity fleet – Leaders 50max and HPMV.

Light truck and trailer units for economical movement of large volumes and weight-sensitive freight such as construction products.

Transportation of specialised goods, such as rural feed, palletised freight, produce cartage and handling, FMCG and foodstuffs, or pulp paper and packaging.

Driver safety with e-road depot, cameras, electronic logbooks, on-board weight management systems and sign on glass POD.

FTL and LCL, general freight.

Booths Logistics - Linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booth's logistics - linehaul
Booths Logistics - Linehaul
Booths Logistics - Linehaul
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Booth's logistics - Linehaul 2
Booth's logistics - Linehaul 3
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Booth's logistics - Linehaul 5
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Booth's logistics - Linehaul 1
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A family-owned freight and logistics company, we have the resources to flex with your needs and the nationwide reach to be where you need.

Booth's Logistics

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Booth's Logistics


Booth's Logistics


Booth's Logistics


Booth's Logistics


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Hear it firsthand

“Booth’s service and response time to date has been clearly superior to any other organisation I have experienced.

We have no “in-transit” stock, and have not experienced any instances where materials are not where listed. In addition, the regularity and comprehensive nature of their reporting is of great benefit.”

Hear it firsthand

“My personal philosophy is that nothing’s impossible. I believe in free-wheeling and being not too fixed on things. I roll with what comes at me and turn it into something better.” 

Trevor Booth

Hear it firsthand

“We cover some relatively remote locations; however, Booth’s are highly organised at managing all aspects. Their order tracking system we have access to, provides visibility over our order journey which saves time and allows us to provide live updates to our customers.” 

John Davies

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