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Booth’s business is word of mouth

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what others have to say about working with us.

“Booth’s ability to upscale at short notice for increased demand, whether that be through natural disaster or seasonal changes, is first class.”

Tony Vesper, NZ Drinks Ltd

“Booth’s take the time to thoroughly understand the complexity of our business. We have sporadic and fluctuating needs. Booth’s are highly flexible and do as much as they possibly can to meet our requirements. Booth’s high calibre drivers are courteous, helpful and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive seamless deliveries.”

John Davies, SupSup

“Booth’s have had a massive impact on the continuity of our service offering, the value they add to our customer experience is priceless… Their values are aligned with ours, it’s an honest partnership. They’re willing to work together to solve any issues. Booth’s offer wrap around support and there is a genuine feeling that they actually care… There has never been a time when I have contacted them and needed something done, and it hasn’t been done.”

Rebecca Fergus, Iplex Pipelines

“Booth’s fleet meant less trucks on the road, whilst servicing our sites 350 days a year. This was done by scaling from 24t to 40t loads, letting us significantly reduce gas emissions and diesel mileage. Product damage rates dropped from 3-4% per annum to less than 0.1%.”

Peter Mattock, Oji Fibre Solutions

“We cover some relatively remote locations; however, Booth’s are highly organised at managing all aspects. Their order tracking system we have access to, provides visibility over our order journey which saves time and allows us to provide live updates to our customers.”

John Davies, SupSup

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