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“With this new fleet we have significantly reduced the number of trucks on the road, as well as our diesel mileage and gas emissions, all whilst achieving fantastic DIFOT results and a drop in product damage to less than 0.1%”


“Oji Fibre Solutions is a leading supplier of pulp, paper and fibre based packaging to the New Zealand, Australia and wider export markets. Through our logistics arm, Oji Lodestar and its key customers, we move in excess of 4.5 million tonnes of freight per annum everywhere from our Marsden Point factory in the north to our Invercargill based operations. About 8 years ago, we decided to review our logistics networks and went to market with a series of tenders to explore ways to improve our freight reliability, as well as create greater efficiencies and reduce product damage.

One laneway in particular that we were very keen to improve was our Whakatane to Tauranga port leg which handled packaged goods out of one of our customers Whakatane Mills. Some of the challenges faced here at the time were regarding the age and condition of the servicing fleet, lack of visibility over incoming vehicle times and bunching up of fleet turning up onsite at the same time. All of these factors contributed to high product damage rates, high diesel miles and a number of inefficiencies around planning and paperwork completions.

To overcome these challenges we needed to partner with someone who was prepared to take the time to thoroughly understand the complexities of our logistics movements. This entailed building a detailed understanding of the delicate balance point required to juggle static daily production rates, alongside a variable fleet and transport capacity, all whilst meeting a fixed Port cut off delivery time for packing and vessels.  

Booth’s Transport approached us having done some in-depth laneway analysis with a plan to roll out a 10 axle 60t fleet and set up what at the time would be only the second heavy permitted laneway in New Zealand. This new dedicated fleet would allow us to have less trucks on the road, whilst still meeting the requirement to have the site serviced 7 days a week, 350 days of the year. This was done by scaling up from 24t loads to 40t loads, allowing us to significantly reduce our gas emissions and diesel mileage, as well as reduce the total number of trucks needed to be both on the road and onsite. Addition of eRoad tracking would also provide the necessary visibility to prepare for the inbound truck by picking the product and creating the manifest before they arrive and therefore turn them around with much greater efficiencies.

After making the call to give Booth’s Transport a go, we experienced a seamless implementation, exceptional communication and flexibility to move with surging production rates where needed. With the establishment of this new and captive fleet we have experienced fantastic DIFOT results and because the new fleet included countersunk floors and headboards, as well as “curved” corner boards, our product damage rates have dropped from 3 – 4% per annum to what is now less than 0.1%.

Over the past eight years Booth’s Transport has grown into a key component of our logistics programmes and has established themselves as a preferred supplier. I have no hesitation in recommending Booth’s Transport to any company wanting to partner with someone with a ‘Can Do’ attitude, who understands the value of having good gear and prides themselves on following through with what they say they will do.”

Peter Mattock
Manager Road Freight Operations
Oji Fibre Solutions

“We feel that our distribution has never been in better hands”

“NZ Drinks was established in 2010 and over the last 10 years, we have used a number of transport providers and feel that our distribution has never been in better hands. 

Booth’s Transport had been our service provider for the Lower North Island for a number of years, providing our customers with excellent service. Earlier this year the opportunity arose to move our Upper North Island business from our previous supplier, to exclusively Booth’s and it is was an easy decision for the management team to the make.

The high level of service they provide, the relationships built over the years, and Booth’s ability to upscale at short notice for increase demand, whether that be through natural disaster, or seasonal increases in demand: the team are always able to step up and provide a first class service standard.

We see Booth’s as more than a service provider and more as an extension of our own business. They are the key link between NZ Drinks and our customers. We feel this role is a crucial one and one that Booth’s excel in providing. We would not hesitate to recommend them as the first choice to move our product throughout New Zealand.”

Tony Vesper
Managing Director
NZ Drinks Ltd

“Booth’s high-calibre drivers are courteous, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customer receive seamless deliveries”

SupSup is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company supplying straw & supplement directly from paddock to farmer, primarily throughout the Waikato, Taranaki and Bay of Plenty regions.  Our strategic partnership with Booths Transport Ltd ensures we can deliver on time and in full.

Booth’s have extensive experience in all facets of transportation and take the time to thoroughly understand the complexity of our business.  We have sporadic and fluctuating needs, Booth’s are highly flexible and do as much as they possibly can to meet our requirements.

We cover some relatively remote locations in our line of business, however Booth’s are highly organised at managing all aspects of both pick up and drop off to these points. Their order tracking system we have access to provides visibility over many parts of our order journey which saves us valuable time and allows us to provide live updates to our customers around status and timing. 

Most importantly, Booth’s high calibre drivers are courteous, helpful and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive seamless deliveries.”

John Davies
General Manager