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Vehicle Booking System Charges

Each of the ports, depots and rail hubs around the country have their own vehicle booking systems (VBS) charges for container movements which can change regularly.

VBS fees that Booth’s charge include the recovery of the direct cost applied by the port or depot, our administration to complete the booking (often in multiple stages of securing a slot, allocating a valid container number or release and then manifesting to truck registration), and the recovery of penalties applied by ports and depots.

Vehicle Booking System Charges
(as at 1st April 2024)

Prices exclude GST and are additional to base rate & FAF. 


Port of Auckland Fergusson $135.75
Port of Auckland Multicargo $135.75
CRS Auckland  $81.25
Container Co Hugo Johnston (HJP) $62.25
Container Co Oak Road (OCP) $62.25
Container Co Manukau / Wiri (MCP) $62.25
Container Co Jellicoe (JCP) $62.25
Metrobox Savill Drive $63.00
Metrobox Neilson Street $63.00
Nexus Wiri Inland Port $21.50
MetroPort Auckland $84.25


Port of Tauranga $35.50
Container Co Sulphur Point (TCP) $62.25
Container Co Mt Maunganui (MMP) $62.25
SCS Tauranga $66.00
CRS Tauranga      $60.75



Container Co Hamilton (HCP) $62.25
Metrobox Hamilton $66.00



Napier Port $34.25
Napier Port Thames Street $34.25
Container Co Napier (NCP) $62.25



LPC Container Terminal $62.00
LPC Eastern Gate $62.00
LPC City Depot $62.00
LPC Midland Rolleston $62.00
Container Co (WCP) $62.25
Specialised Container Services (SCS) $66.00
How do we calculate our VBS charges?

Not all container yards use the same software and some software applications used by ports and depots introduce more administration and friction than others.

To effectively manage these variations, we have elected to reflect the variations in the fees, admin and penalties applied and as such the VBS charges above represent the true cost of these various systems.

Please note, if any ports, depots, rail hubs or similar, introduce new booking systems or make changes to their charges, we reserve the right to alter these when required.

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