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Here at Booth’s we are committed to supporting Owner Drivers navigate and carve out a rewarding and sustainable career path in transport and business ownership.


Being an Owner Driver offers a unique blend of independence and flexibility. Owner operators have the freedom to make decisions that directly impact their success. With the thrill of entrepreneurship and the satisfaction of self-reliance, it’s a rewarding way to make a living on the road.

We find with the owner operators that have good support from their partners, friends or family, are also across their financial numbers, and we want that here at Booth’s. We want operators that know what it takes to make a dollar and how to make more. These operators then drive our business to even greater success.

Despite operating independently, Booth’s ensures Owner Drivers have various resources available to them as well as opportunities to advance, valuing you as an essential part of the Booth’s family. We refer to Owner Drivers internally as business partners because we are both in business and we both want success.

Benefits of being a Booth’s Owner Driver

You’re your own boss
You own an asset and build your financial portfolio
Potential for uncapped income
Potential for business growth – start with one truck and build from there
Take advantage of tax deductions for business
Greater financial stability

What will I need as an Owner Driver?

  • A lot of OD’s have a partner or someone they know that is business savvy and helps manage GST, tax and paying bills.
  • An accountant – they’ll give you business and tax advice.
  • Minimum of a Class 2 license and a minimum of 4 years driving experience.
  • Full insurance including public liability.
  • You’ll also need a forklift endorsement on your licence and dangerous good (we can help you get these).
  • You’ll also need your own Transport Service License (TSL).
Booth's Logistics
Booth's Logistics - Careers

What do we look for in an Owner Driver?

  • You’re frontline and representing the Booth’s brand, so we’re looking for someone with strong customer service values who has an eye for detail and a sharp appearance.
  • You’ll need to bring a Can Do Will Do attitude and be ready to own your patch, protect your patch and most importantly grow your patch.
  • You’ll have a strong work ethic and get along well with anyone, no matter their background.
  • Clean, tidy professional brand and image.
  • A good sense of humour helps.
  • As does being a good driver and enjoying driving.

“I get to see the country while being my own boss.”


“I have the flexibility to make my own decisions, opportunity to make calls and I enjoy the greater freedom to handle my own finances. It’s a great partnership being an Owner Driver at Booth’s, they’re always happy to hear me out and come to an agreement.

Owning your own truck means you have to manage yourself, you have to figure out the easiest and cheapest way to keep things moving, it’s all about efficiency and getting the job done. You have to be a hard worker. As an Owner Driver you are building your own asset rather than just driving someone else’s. You learn a lot about breakdowns, you learn to respect your own gear and have a greater sense of pride compared to a company driver.

There’s a great team culture at Booth’s. I try to help them as much as they help me. If they’re ever short of drivers, I’ll chuck my hand up and help out where I can and do a swap run. The people are awesome, and I can’t fault working with them. My time spent at Booth’s being an Owner Driver has been great.”

Terry Simpson
Booth’s Logistics – Owner Driver

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